Monday, July 11, 2011

Diaper Bag Packing 101

When packing your diaper bag, don’t forget to cover the following areas:

* The clean-up station - A changing pad, extra diapers, rash ointment, a scented disposable diaper bag and wipes will leave you prepared to clean up any mess.

* The first-aid kit- A collection of bandages, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and antibiotic ointment can help keep your baby safe.

* The fun zone - Not everything that interests you as an adult will amuse your baby. Stash your little one’s favorite blanket, stuffed animals, a rattle or any other toy to help quiet a fussy infant while you enjoy your own favorite activity.

* The “mini purse.” - Carrying your baby in addition to a diaper bag and a purse can become a cumbersome juggling act. To cut down extra things to carry.... find a small pocket purse and add your cellphone, a checkbook, hair care items, keys, makeup, a pen and a small notepad can all fit conveniently into the pocket of your diaper bag.

* The wardrobe change - a change of clothes kept safe in a sealable plastic bag will complete any major blow out. Don’t forget an extra pair of socks, and grab a hat on a sunny day.

* The snack pack - Because a last-minute errand may keep you and your infant away from the house longer than expected, a full bottle for non-breastfeeding babies and a burp cloth can transform any location into a meal station.