Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Preparing for Labor is Easier Than Most Women Think

For any expecting mother, the thought of labor and delivery is daunting, albeit natural and exciting. Planning for the unknown during labor and delivery is often the best way to avoid any excessive stress. Still, there are a few things mom-to-be can do in preparation for the big day that will help add some certainty into the unknown of the day and possibly help relieve some anxiety. 

Register for Classes

Besides any research done on your own or advice from other mothers, registering for one or more childbirth classes is a great place to start when you're trying to gain more information about what to expect in the delivery room. A childbirth class at your hospital will be helpful in teaching you about standard procedures in the delivery room, allow you a tour of the facility and answer any other medical questions you may have. There are also many classes available for expectant mothers who would like more of a natural birth; yoga and meditation classes specifically intended for pregnant women are where you should look for natural guidance.

Pack your Bag

A hospital bag is something you should pack well in advance; in fact, packing at 37 weeks is not a bad idea considering that is the official date a baby is considered to be ‘full term.’ While the vast majority of women do not go into labor anywhere near 37 weeks, it’s possible that your baby could be born anytime between 37 and 42 weeks. Therefore it’s a good idea to have an overnight bag packed and in the car, ready to go when at a moment’s notice.

Recognize the Signs of Labor

While not all women show signs of impending labor until their contractions start, it is never a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the signs, just in case. Back labor, back aches, the urge to clean everything in sight and a feeling of being able to breathe again when your baby drops lower into your abdomen are all signs of labor. In addition, flu symptoms are also common signs that labor will start within 24 hours.

Delivery Day

When the big day has finally arrived, remember all that you have learn thus far and go into the delivery room calm and confident. The transition into motherhood is not an easy one, but one that ends in the best prize, your beautiful newborn.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby sign language

Baby sign language is more than just a trend—it can offer a variety of benefits to parents and babies alike. Try teaching your child a few basic signs to improve communication.

Learning the Signs

Every child is different, but most babies can begin learning sign language at about 7 to 8 months old. Teaching your baby to sign requires patience, repetition and plenty of praise. Start with basic signs, and make the process as fun as possible by incorporating sign language into favorite activities, such as singing or dancing.  This is important so the child learns the meaning and how to produce the spoken word, as well as the sign.

Top Six Signs to Teach Your Baby

Since repetition is key, begin with simple signs that can be used in everyday situations. Start with these basic words:

  • Eat. Touch the tip of your thumb to your fingers on the same hand and tap your hand on your mouth.
  • More. Form both hands into O shapes and bring them together and separate them repeatedly.
  • All done. Put both hands up in front of you with palms facing out. Repeatedly rotate your palms inward, then outward.
  • Diaper. Place your hands at waist level and tap your index and middle finger to your thumbs on each hand as if you are playing castanets.
  • Hot. Form your hand into a claw shape over your mouth. Move the hand away from your mouth, rotating it so the sign ends with your palm facing outward.
  • Thank you. Flatten your hand and touch your fingertips to your chin. Bring your fingers forward as if you are blowing a kiss.

These are just a few useful signs to teach your child. As your baby masters them, continue expanding his or her vocabulary with new signs.
Reviewed by Michelle Wagner-Escobar, M.A., C.C.C.-A., audiologist, Ear, Nose and Throat Center, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring Baby Shower Ideas

A spring-themed baby shower is easy to plan. Vibrant and pastel colors can be used along with fresh flowers. Below are a few times to help you along the way.

1. For a spring-themed baby shower, many choose a garden setting. Whether someone in the
family has a perfect garden location or perhaps a local park works best, this location will serve as a background to an exciting day.
2. A reception hall or church basement can also serve as the location if the above doesn’t fit the tastes of the expectant mothers.
3. A restaurant can also serve as a location, you could host a nice brunch or lunch.
1. Stay with the pastel color theme, lots of pink, yellow, creams and whites. You can incorporate fresh/silk flowers into every aspect of the decorating.
2. Baskets of flowers would be a great addition as well to the expectant mother’s table.
3. Butterflies, silk flowers and paper lanterns all serve as additional decorations that work well for garden party/spring-theme baby showers.
4. A candy bar of the soon to be mothers favorite candy's would be perfect. Guest could take a bag home as their gift.
5. The organic Diaper cake would make the perfect center piece.

Baby Shower Games and Activities
1. A favorite baby shower game is baby shower bingo.
2. Attach baby pictures of the soon to be mom and dad when they were younger. (3 mths, 6 mths, 18 mths, 2 years, ect) to real or silk flowers and have guest guess their age. The one with the most right wins.

To stay with the spring-themed shower, prizes can include potted flowers, spring hand soaps or a floral candle.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the day with the soon to be mom!