Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Throwing a baby shower for a co-worker

Today's workplace is different today than it was years ago. Co-workers interact more, form friendships, and engage in social activities together so it is more likely to want to throw a shower for an expecting co-worker. Organizing a baby shower for a co-worker can be slightly different than planning for a friend or relative.

Begin by planning the location of your shower. You'll need to determine if you will actually have the shower at the office if it would be more enjoyable if everyone meets at a restaurant or other location outside of work. If you work at a location where people work evening and night shifts, it may be better to have the party at the office, so more people can participate.

If you decide to have it at the office, make sure you get management approval. You may also need to check with the employee's supervisor to see if they can be excused from work to attend the shower if its during normal working hours. Having the shower during lunch or dinner hour may be the best way for the most people to attend.

I recently attended a baby shower at an office location and it worked out fabulous as there was plenty of space, a kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher, coffeemaker, and microwave, plus plenty of space for plugging in crockpots prior to the party. It worked out perfect and saved a lot of money on the food.

Once the location is chosen decide what you will do for food at the party. Options include having it catered; having everyone sign up to bring a dish; or have one or two people buy and prepare the food.

Invitations can be a simple as an e-mail to every on staff. Make sure that everyone is invited so as not to create hard feelings. If the expecting mom is registered for gifts anywhere, include that information in the e-mail. Also, let everyone know if someone is in charge of collecting money to cover food, shower expenses, or collecting to buy a group gift. If you the food is to "bring a dish to share" put this information in the e-mail but then post a sign up sheet somewhere else in the office.

An office shower is a great opportunity to get mom one of the larger gifts she is hoping to get, by having groups of people chip in money towards a gift. Make sure the item you choose is on mom's list. She no doubt has a special crib picked out to go with the decor of baby's room and having to return a larger gift can be inconvenient.

Arrange for baby's dad or some other person, to come to the office after work and help mom load all her gifts into her car.

Make decorations recyclable. A diaper cake is a great centerpiece for the head table and mom get's to bring it home and use all the goodies later. Use small plants on other tables that can be given out as door prizes at the end of the party.

Keep games simple and fun. Mom might be embarrassed to have her tummy measured in front of all her co-workers. The dice game and baby bingo are fun and easy to play with large groups.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Become a facebook fan and share your photos

BabyShowersByMail is now on facebook. We're hoping to have our diaper delivery customers share their baby photos and growth information with others. Click on the link to the right to become a fan now.

Sale on Plush Toys

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We'll be running more specials throughout the next few months so stay tuned for more!